Wizard of oz character paintings - 2018

For the Oatley Academy Visual Development Mentorship (Beta). All characters designed by Justin Rodrigues.

The Attic - 2017

“The Attic” reimagines musical artist Professor Elemental’s song of the same name as an animated film. Precocious young inventor Adalaide King is assistant to her grandfather, the renowned eccentric Dr. Isembard King. When her grandfather sends her to retrieve a mysterious black box, Adalaide must gather her wits and courage to face a variety of strange creatures and  failed experiments in the dangerous and strangely labyrinthine attic.



Scaél Eitilt (Flight Story) - 2017

Flight Story is an animated short featuring Lucy, a young witch who is curious to a fault. Using fantasy and fairy tale elements, along with a touch of Irish architecture, Flight Story speaks to the consequences of curiosity without compassion, and the importance of looking outside of ourselves to see the consequences of our actions on others.

A senior project in partial fulfillment of the Allegheny College BA in Studio Art. Four months and around 200+ hours of work. Pencil/Brush Pen and Paper & Adobe Animate.