Photography by Ivy Sky (@straycafe on instagram)

Photography by Ivy Sky (@straycafe on instagram)

Hi! I'm Elizabeth.

I'm an illustrator and visual development artist.

Growing up, I loved to read, draw, and watch cartoons. It was all I ever wanted to do. 

Despite constantly having characters running around in my head, I initially missed these blatant hints from the universe to pursue art. 

Instead, I spent a number of years in theater, both on and behind the stage, and years more leading a competitive robotics team. I found that collaborating with others to create something awesome was joyful and fulfilling. And I was determined to cultivate that sort of collaboration in my artistic career.

Whether with a single client or an entire creative team, I love collaborating with others to bring stories and images to life.

Be it a book, a film, a game, or just a single commission,

I can't wait to hear your story.

For more information on my past employment & education, take a look at my CV. 

For weekly sketches and general tomfoolery, follow me on Instagram.